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Er.Pankaj Nanda

M.E. Structures

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About us

Er. Pankaj Nanda, a Gold medalist in ME Structures from the prestigious Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh is known for his excellence in economical design of structures and engineering consultancy. He started his consultancy firm in the year 1997 with the idea of integrating technology driven solutions to structural designs, to propose a blueprint of highly inventive and inimitable buildings. He aims to work dedicatedly towards clients’ satisfaction.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of structural engineering consultancy services, the firm expertise in providing economical designs and planning of projects to the top Architects, Agencies and Clients of North-India. He employs a holistic approach to structural designing by efficiently utilizing the available resources to the fullest and in the most practical manner to avoid the problems for future. With clear emphasis on the clients’ requirements, he envisages his designs not only on the basis of creativity and cost-effectiveness but also practicality and longevity.

His consultancy firm is known for its core expertise in designing technical structures such as multi-storied framed Structures, Load Bearing Structure, Grid Floors, Water Tower (O.H.S.R.), Underground Water Reservoirs, Large Span Auditoriums, Chimneys, Steel Structures viz Industrial Gable Frames, large Span Trusses, Space Frames & Space Trusses, Gantry Girders, Crane Girders, Steel Chimneys, Steel Tanks/Containers Transmission Towers, Machine Foundations for various types of dynamic loads and vibrations, design of Pile Foundation, Restoration of old/ damaged building and structures.

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